Sunday, December 13, 2015

Restoring Ionic Columns on Front Porch

House shortly after we bought it in 2013.

We moved from doing mostly indoor work to outdoors this year, when our front stoop was restored in August. Several of the riser bricks had fallen in and a stone step was cracked. The columns had several layers of paint on them from prior owners. They were so caked on that it created cracks and fissures in the paint that allowed water to get in and under the paint. We used a heat gun to remove the paint. Then we filled holes in the wooden columns. After removing the paint we gave a few new fresh coats that gave the columns a clean and finished look.

Wood column and base after starting to strip paint.

Stairs leading to house and entry stoop.

Porch at top of stoop framed by two columns. 
Detail of angular Ionic capital after removing several layers of paint and then repainting with accents.

Another view of detail of Ionic capital.

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