Sunday, December 20, 2015

Help us Find Bungalows in Middlesboro, Kentucky

George Washington Pridemore House on North 25th St.

We're trying to identify as many bungalow properties in Middlesboro as we can. This will help us as we continue to restore our own house, the George Washington Pridemore House on North 25th Street. Kentucky provides tax credits for work on owner occupied residences. In order to be eligible for these, the property must first be listed on the National Register or designated locally as part of a Local Historic District. When we tried to get our property added to the National Register we were told of our application:
The first draft didn’t present a  historic context narrative on bungalow architecture in Middlesboro, so I don’t have anything to comment on.  If you wish to nominate the house, you’ll need that historic context to explain how the building embodies the important qualities of bungalow architecture in Middlesboro. 

Since receiving this feedback we've been working to identify as many bungalows as possible. So far we've identified 46 in addition to our own.

The bungalow building type has many common qualities:

  • Typically small, single-story
  • Roof space made usable by a dormer or by windows in the gables
  • Stoop providing“semipublic transition place” between the front porch and the connecting walkway to the sidewalk and the street.
  • Rustic texture of building materials
  • Broad overhangs with exposed rafter tails at the eaves
  • Color and tone derived from natural materials
  • Plan with reduced distinction between outside and inside space. Porch is extension of floor of the house.
Here's how you can help! We've created an editable Google Map. You can go there and add pins of additional properties, post pictures, and share information about bungalows we missed.

Use this editable map to help us identify Middlesboro Bungalows

Craftsman bungalow on North 25th St with intersecting gables, gabled wing, tapered columns, and front stoop.

Craftsman bungalow on Dorchester with wings, tapered columns, gabled dormers, and use of rustic stone.

Hipped roof bungalow on Manchester with full width front porch,  hipped roof dormer, and vertically divided windows.