Saturday, July 12, 2014

Rewiring Hallway Lamps

Lights being rewired. Ording family light to right.

When our electrical contractor told us that the fixtures in the hall were not salvageable because of their old wiring, that left us heartbroken. One of our reasons for purchasing the house to begin with were the beautiful historic lamps.

After a bit of research on the Internet we discovered that rewiring lamps could be done fairly easily and inexpensively. Several trips were made to State Electric Supply Company. There we were able to get the wiring, new sockets, and wire nuts. It took a bit of experimentation to get everything just right.

We had an opportunity to incorporate a family heirloom in to our new lighting scheme. In the guest bathroom where we removed a drop ceiling, this made a perfect place for a drop pendant light. This was the first electric light from the Ording farmstead in Williamson just outside of Lansing. It was passed on to us by our Grandma Mary Kremer years ago. She wanted to make sure the person who received the lamp would put it to good use. And that we did.

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