Thursday, October 24, 2013

Student Lamps in Living Room Restored

A view we thought we'd never see again.
While we were in a mad rush to get the house ready to move in we suffered a significant setback. All five of our student lamps were being stored inside a large footlocker shaped piece of furniture. When that piece of furniture was being moved, two of the lamps shattered into hundreds of little fragments. All appeared to be a total loss. That is until we heard of and met the wizards with Calloway's Lamps and Shades in Knoxville. 

We managed to reassemble one of the shades using painters tape to hold the fragments together in place. The other shade was too far gone to ever brought back. We sent both off to Knoxville in June to be worked on. The process as we understood it involved using UV light and a special adhesive to bond the pieces of glass together. Knowing how difficult and painstaking the work was, we gave ample time for the restoration work to be done. That appeared to be the key. Three months later we happily welcomed the lamps home and they are hanging in our living room once again.

The whole episode proved to us that anything is possible with enough time, persistence, and glue.

Detail of our beautiful "student" lamp.