Sunday, May 12, 2013

Uncovering Windows in the Sun Room

One of our first major finds was hidden behind the paneling on this non-descript looking wall. During our closing in April 2013, the sellers told us about some interesting windows with a crank that was used to open them. This piqued the interest of me and my wife. So one of the first things we did after closing on the house was take the paneling down to check out those windows. A sneak peak is below.

This bank of windows is on the west side of an exterior wall facing towards the entrance and a covered porch. The hipped roof of the house extends over the front of the house where the porch and this sun room are. Similar windows were in two other banks of windows on the north and east side walls. Regrettably these were modernized. There may be potential, however, to bring back this distinctive three over two divided light design.

More details on this project and follow-up pictures will be added as we work to restore this feature.

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